Christmas 2020

Christmas Greetings!

We cannot doubt that we live in very uncertain times, and with the uncertainty comes feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety and stress. This has caused many to wonder: “What kind of Christmas will we have this year? Will we be having a family gathering at Christmas time? Will the stores be busy and bright as they usually in this season?

How are you coping in this time of further lockdown? Do you find yourself becoming anxious, fearful and stressed? Are you losing faith for a passing away of the Corona virus?

Some folks are stressed out and complaining that they cannot feel the Christ spirit; it seems so unreal, so far away…

However, I have found there is a surefire way to chase away stressful feelings, and gain poise and peace of mind, and it is this: encourage yourself in the Word. Find an encouraging passage in the Scriptures, for example Luke 2:8-16…read it, write it, speak it, meditate in it, pray it, and watch your faith and expectation soar to a whole new level, and your attitude changed toward the reality of this Christmas.

You will see change from a stressed-out Christmas season to a blessed-out one…

Also, one thing for sure that would lift your spirit is Christmas music. It was early last month when I heard the first Christmas music for this year on the radio. I remember I was feeling a bit down but that music gave me such a lift that I began to “feel” the Christmas spirit and before long I was singing along with the tunes and it made me feel like Christmas was in the air.

I encourage you to keep your radio on a station that plays a lot of Christmas music.

Thank God, as believers in Christ, we do not have to worry; in this Christmas season, we can find Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and comfort in the Word of God. We have the Christ babe and the Light of Christmas in our hearts, and expectation for better ones to come in the future.

Let us continue to pray for the passing away of the Corona Virus, not only here in this community and city, but in the entire world.


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