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Flourish Where You’re Planted

Are there continual shifting patterns in your life? Are you seeking comfort and better circumstances here, there and everywhere? Do you lack patience with yourself for your progress in life? Just where you are, there are treasures of talents, gifts and wonderful opportunities for outstanding performances.

Comfort and better circumstances are within you. Talents, gifts and wonderful opportunities are within you. All that you seek are within you and need to be brought out into manifestation, with God’s help, of course. Seek God and trust Him to move and direct you to their fulfillment as He sees fit and in His timing.

One of the most loved Bible stories among adults and children alike is the story of Joseph, son of Jacob. In this Old Testament story we read that Joseph’s brothers hated him because their father, Jacob, loved Joseph more than he loved them. They hated Joseph even more because he had wonderful dreams and they sensed those dreams to be saying that at sometime in the future, they would have to be obedient to Joseph: they would have to bow to him.

Eventually, Joseph’s brothers decided to kill him so they threw him into a pit to die. Then they decided it was better to sell Joseph into slavery, and this they did.   Read the story in Genesis, chapters 37 to 50 and you will see the faith, steadfastness and stability of Joseph. You will see how Joseph was well rooted and grounded in the things of God and that God was with Joseph, even in the midst of his persecution, false accusation from Potiphar’s wife and imprisonment.

How did Joseph overcome his difficulties? Firstly, by being faithful to God through them all; this way, Joseph knew conditions in his life would change; secondly, by waiting to see the glory of God in his life, and thirdly, by maintaining  balance, stability, self-control and discipline as he waited on God. In turn, God gave Joseph spiritual strength. And, like Joseph, we can maintain stability and flourish right where we are planted. Joseph maintained stability and honesty in his life and eventually rose to a high position in Egypt.

Instability indicates an underlying rebellion and a lack of trust in God, and is a barrier to God’s blessings in our lives. When we keep going through emotional mood swings, up today, moody, sulky and down tomorrow, we miss God’s blessings in our lives. Just the same, when we keep changing jobs, relationships, marriages, and residences for every whim and fancy, we miss God’s blessings in our lives. This is easy shifting.

Easy shifting from one pattern or goal to another often hinders our progress and is no good for our spiritual growth. However, there is a difference between real necessity for change and easy shifting. When we lack attunement with the Spirit of God and being moved by Him, we become moved by our human, natural instincts which behave in ways apart from God and His leading. In other words, we maintain an existence merely out of our surface awareness.

Did you ever have a plant that did not flourish as it should? That plant became all dried up, its leaves were shrivelled with no sign of growth or life in it, then one day you emptied the pot and saw the root or bulb in the soil was all nice and fresh and there was some activity down there that spoke to you, saying: “I am alright. I was just about to send up new shoots…why throw me out!” There was life and promise in that plant all along. It was just not yet ready for a new output of shoots and blooms. That plant could have flourished just where it was planted.

Whenever you find yourself becoming restless and ready to move to new ventures, take time to attune yourself with the  Spirit of God within you. Contemplate God as the living Presence of wisdom, good judgment and right action in as many ways as you can. You may need to write them down. Confess these attributes of God as being within you and ask Him by His grace and mercy to release these goods to your awareness, thanking and praising Him in advance. Ask it in Jesus’ name and God will not fail to bless.

This is true spiritual living. And the more you grow spiritually, the more you will achieve peace, poise and inner stability which will outpicture in your life.

SPEAK THE WORD: “God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, directing me as I walk steadfastly in His ways. God’s Word quickens me and opens a way for me where there seems to be no way. I thank God for His Word active in my spirit, soul and body. 

May the Lord richly bless you with His peace, love and prosperity.


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