Lessons From a Lily

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a stalk pushing its way out of the root of my Amaryllis plant, which is on my window sill. Daily, I watched that stalk with an expanding bud at its end, noting its rapid growth as it pushed itself up out of the soil, reaching for the light of the sun. And it was not long before it produced a crown of four blossoms.

The plant is now in full bloom, flourishing as a silent witness to the Easter season and to Christ, the Ever-living One, who is sometimes named the Lily of the Valley.

Often, as I admire those beautiful flowers, I muse upon the wonders of God and the laws He has established in nature. I reflect, too, on the life of Christ within us and how it ever rises and blooms in our lives in its various ways, all for His glory!

Think about it. Everything about those blossoms on my Amaryllis plant, even the stalk when it was in the soil, has been a living reality all along: the blossoms, the texture of their beautiful, orange-coloured petals, the design of the blossoms, the fragrance, and everything about them. And so it is with all flowers.

There are now two fully opened blossoms and two unopened ones forming the crown upon the stalk that pushed itself out of the soil. And the blossoms that are not yet opened will soon do so, all in their own timing. Isn’t it much like the life of Christ within us, which rises up and unfolds in our lives as skills, talents and various flowerings in services to Christ?

Friends, I am looking forward to a great Summer and hope you do, too. Take heart, the blistering cold weather will soon be over and Summer, too, will unfold itself with its warmth, brightness and various activities to take part in.

I wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter season to you and family! May the Lord richly bless you with His peace, love and prosperity.

Labouring in His Vineyard

Monica Hernandez

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    • Audrey Atkinson

    Hi auntie this is so inspiring, it also has a lot of information about spiritual growth. Continue walking with God and continue sharing his words
    I really loved it .

      • Monica

      Hi Audrey: Thanks for visiting…hope you do so again soon…

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