Stir Up Your Measure of Faith

At one time, Jesus’ disciples asked Him to increase their faith. Jesus knew they each had a God-given measure of faith and spoke to them about what they could do “if they had faith as a grain of mustard seed.” In other words, He was telling them if their acknowledgment of their inborn faith was as tiny and resilient as a mustard seed, they could do great things.

We all have a measure of faith within us, however, it sometimes seems weak. Yet, like the dying embers of a fire, our faith can be stirred up and revived. And one of the best spiritual disciplines we can do is commemorating biblical events and past positive events in our lives.

The Bible is our manual for better living and there are several healing and positive events within it that we could commemorate when asking God for a healing, or a desire to be granted. For example, when in need of a healing, we can commemorate the time when God healed Hezekiah of his afflictions and speak it in our prayers, asking Him to do just the same for us. We read of this healing at 2 Kings 20:5-6,

Commemoration is the practice of bringing to remembrance past healing, deliverance and other positive events in the Bible and our lives, and asking God for similar healing or positive events. God in His wisdom, has already allowed each of us unique experiences in our lives which we could commemorate and as we bring them to mind and speak them prayerfully, our faith is stirred and strengthened.

Some well-meaning persons might ask: “Isn’t that reminding God of what He already knows and did?” And “doesn’t God know what we are in need of; why should we ask Him?” However, we would be doing just as Jesus taught at Matthew 7:7-8: “Ask and it shall be given you.”

It is not that we are reminding God that He should be good to us, or reminding Him that He can do great things, but in commemorating biblical healing and events we are reminding ourselves that “what God has done for others, He can do for us” and this stirs and strengthens our faith.according to Mark 11:22.

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