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Stop Fretting Yourself

Will you agree that human nature can never be fully satisfied? We yearn and fret about the things and conditions we would like to have in our lives, however, as soon as we get them, we yearn and fret about other things. It is also common to hear people fret about the wrong things others do and seem to be getting away with.

” Fret not thyself…” (Psalm 37:1, 7, 8). 

Nevertheless, the psalmist exhorts us neither to fret because of the wrongs of others nor be envious of them for they shall soon be cut down. Instead, he encourages us to trust in the Lord and do good.

Among our many human weaknesses, one of the most outstanding is fretting or complaining. A clear example of this is seen in the account of the children of Israel as they journeyed from bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land. They fretted about everything: lack of food, water and physical comforts. They provoked the Lord, also Moses and Aaron.

They were so limited in their thinking and behaviour that they could not realize the presence of God, providing for them at every turn, and trust Him for a better life ahead.

A fretful attitude shows either forgetfulness of the faithfulness of God or a lack of knowledge and belief in His promises and transforming power. Left unresolved, fretting can become a deadly snare to depressive moods and other mental disorders.

By God’s grace, a fretful attitude can be overcome.

Noticeably, there are some people more fretful than seems natural; their fretting borders on serious mental illnesses. For them, there is always a great sense of dissatisfaction, even with minor matters and this leads us to think there are lots of unresolved issues in their lives.

For these people, fretting acts as a band-aid, seeming to relieve their minds, but truth is that their unresolved issues need to be confronted and dealt with in prayer and spiritual discipline.

They are frustrated for solutions and falsely satisfy themselves by fretting over what concerns them and even what does not concern them. Here is a little chorus that sheds much wisdom against fretting. It says: “Why worry when you can pray…trust Jesus, He will show the way…don’t be like doubting Thomas…put your faith and trust in Jesus…why worry, worry, worry when you can pray.”

Having faith in God
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God is faithful and will give a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to those who will seek Him to intervene their affairs. Only God has the answer. Only God can give correct solutions. Only God can load us daily with benefits (Psalm 68:19).

The Scriptures reveal that God hates murmuring (fretting) but loves praises and “inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3). There are always many blessings in our lives we can praise God for. If we look for them we will see them. Praise Him at all times for what He has done, is doing and will continue to do, and His grace will be assured.

Practice this exercise whenever you find yourself becoming fretful

Speak it firmly to yourself as though you are speaking to someone else: “Every time I find myself fretting and complaining about the things I want and have not yet seen manifested, I shall count it as a sign that I need to recognize the truth that God is daily loading me with benefits. I shall pause and count my blessings.

I shall thank and praise God for them. I shall praise Him for every cell, every muscle, every tissue and all that make up my being: spirit, soul and body. I shall praise Him for His Spirit within me, and for His very life coursing through my veins. I shall praise Him for the spirit of power, love and sound mind He has given me. I shall praise Him for His love, His mercy and His goodness that endureth forever.”

Now, because you have done this spiritual exercise, whenever you become fretful or complaining, you will be reminded from within about just what you have decreed and needless to say, you should follow through.

In summary: How can we overcome a fretful attitude? One of the most profound ways to stop fretting is to develop an attitude of praising and thanking God for whatever good He has blessed us with, however small.

Daily Readings: Exodus 14:11, Proverbs 15:16, Isaiah 29:24, Lamentations 3:39, 1 Corinthians 10:10, Philippians 2:14, Hebrews 13:5.

Reflections: God is the Giver of all good things. He sees and knows all things. He knows even my secret thoughts. He knows every part of my life and can correct whatever needs to be corrected. I must seek Him and trust Him to touch and re-structure all that concerns me.

Prayer: “Heavenly Father, thank you for your presence in my life. Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things out of thy law; in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

May the Lord richly bless you with His peace, love and prosperity.

Dr. Monica Hernandez is a certified Christian counsellor and hosts the radio broadcast The Revealing Word  heard on JOY 1250 AM every Sunday morning at 8:30.  You can also listen in at www.joyradio.ca

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